Friday, 13 January 2017

Ginataang Gulay with Crabs

Hey, hey, hey everyone! Thank you for being with me today. We are going to share this comfort food recipe to all of you. There's no secret, just simple food. Our picky eater kids love this recipe. The nice thing about this recipe is that it has squash and Malunggay which are healthy for our bodies.

3 cups water
1 1/2 cups squash,  sliced
left-over meat
cooked crabs

Ginataang Gulay mixture:
Ginataang Gulay powder
1 cup water

1. Pour water in the pot and add squash. Let it boil.
2. Prepare the gata mixture. Dissolve Ginataang gulay powder in water.
3. Add left-over meat and cook for 1 minute.
4. Add Ginataang Gulay mixture. Cook for 1-2 mins or until boiling.
5. Add sequa and cook for 30 seconds.
Note: If you want to add carrots in this or any hard veggies, it should be cook together with the squash at the beginning.
6. Add Malunggay and some cooked crabs. Cook for another 20 seconds.
&. Turn Off heat. Serve with hot rice. Enjoy!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Crabs cooked in Sprite

Happy 2017 to everyone!!! This recipe is VERY easy and simple. This is by far the easiest way I think to cook crabs. I learned this from my father. We love to eat crabs. The taste is simple and yummy. Please watch the video below.

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Our stay at Shangri la Hotel Mactan, Cebu

We celebrated Judy and little girl's birthdays at Shangri-la Hotel, Mactan. We checked-in for an overnight stay in one of their Deluxe Room. They gave us this small but yummy complimentary cake. I expect a good size cake, the same as other nearby resort that we checked in. The size of their complimentary cake is a bit of an off but it is still better to have something free from the hotel.

They have big pools for kids and adults to enjoy. 
Shangrila Mactan

Our room had 2 double beds. The space was enough. We also had a veranda with a foldable drying rack installed at the side wall.

Shangri-la have something for the kids to quench their boredom. They have indoor playground for kids and toddlers, E-zone and Game room. We went to their indoor playground. 

This is the Adventure Zone. Kids are required to wear long sleeves and socks. P300/hr.

Adventure Zone Shangrila Mactan

Little boy was very excited to go inside but we forgot to bring his socks so we have to go back to the room. For kids who are 4 years old and below someone must accompany them inside the zone.

Look! Outdoor big chess set.

A good place to watch the sunrise and sunset.

The kid's slides.

It was Halloween so they had some decoration on display. This is the Game room

They also have mini-golf (PHP300.00 net). Each hole is a miniature representation of a well-known landmark in the Philippines or Asia (from shangrila site)

There is something magical about miniature. This reminds me of Lego Land in Malaysia. What do you feel when you see a miniature? let me know in the comments.

Let's go over each hole.

This is the Banaue rice terraces. This is one of our bucket list. I really  want to see this place not just in TV but in person.

This is the Mayon Volcano located in Albay. Renowned as the "perfect cone" volcano.

The wall of China.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

The Merlion, Singapore. Our second home. We love Singapore.

Luneta Park

San Juanico Bridge

Taoist Temple. We love going to this temple. The place is serene and they maintain its beauty up to this day.

Chocolate Hills. We'd love to go back to Bohol.

The Magellan's Cross.

The Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. We've never been to this place but I heard a lot of good feedback about these islands. Maybe we should add this to our bucket list?

We love to go to Tagaytay to have a glimpse of the Taal Volcano way back during our honeymoon stage. The cool breeze, fantastic view, and food equals to awesome adventure. I miss those days when we get to just drive around with no direction,you know just joy ride.

Meet our first national hero - Lapu-Lapu. The first Filipino native to resist Spanish colonization.


There were 2 restaurants that you can choose for breakfast. The Tides (bigger but long queues) and Aqua in the Ocean wing. The selections were okay. As for me, I'm a bacon lover, so we (me and little boy) enjoyed the unlimited supply. Judy and little girl went to Aqua and I remember she mentioned the sausages taste good. 

 Judy got some photos of the Aqua restaurant.

Aqua Restaurant Ocean Wing Shangri-la Mactan Cebu

While Judy was walking around, she discovered that they also have Jogging Trail and Zipline. Along the trail there are outdoor fitness equipment. 

Since we stayed most of our time at the Kid's play area, we ordered some food to feed our hungry stomach. There was no Filipino food available. It was lunch time and we want something heavy. In the menu, there was no fried chicken but the staff was so kind to get it at the nearby restaurant for us.

The sweet potato fries was so yummy. Judy couldn't stop eating it. It's a must try if you happen to chill at their pool area. The buko (coconut) was a bit pricey though. We paid almost P500 for just 2 bukos. If you are craving for coconut juice, just go to the nearby wet market, you can get it for P25-30.00 each.

Overall the staffs were very accommodating, courteous and friendly. The lobby area was humid and crowded when we checked in. There were staffs who guided us and offered cold juice drinks while waiting for our turn.

Since it was fully booked, we couldn't request for a late check-out until 2pm. Instead, they allowed us to stay in the hotel until 6pm, we just left our things at the concierge.

There were a lot of lounge chairs scattered all over the pool and beach area.

They have white sand beach. We didn't enjoy the beach as kids love to stay at the pool area. That's a bummer.

Here are some improvements that we think Shangri-la should look into:
1. The entrance of the toilet under the game room smells awful but toilet itself was clean and not smelly.
2. Finger Food like fried chicken or kid's meal available at the Pool area. If possible, some Filipino food also.
3. Humidity at the Lobby area.
4. The size of the complimentary cake, please make it bigger.

Our experience was awesome even just for an overnight stay. That's our review of our stay at Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa. If you like our review, share it with your friends, comment or pin it.
Thank you for being with us today, see you again in the next post.

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