Thursday, 6 October 2016

Dubai Adventure Part 3: Burj Al Arab Room Tour

We had an amazing experience in Burj Al Arab about one and a half years ago. Indeed, it is the most luxurious hotel in the world. I do not know what type of suite room we stayed in. It has an upper floor where the rooms were located. The office, living room, dining room and kitchen were on the lower floor.

Our first impression was W-O-W! It was beautiful, stunning and magnificent. When we first came in, the kid's first question was "where should we put our shoes? The Butler was amazed with the kids first reaction. She didn't see that coming. Ha! We trained our kids not to wear sleepers or shoes inside the house.

Anyway, we are going to share a lot of pictures so we will let the pictures do the talking. Alright?! 

Let's start at the living room.

They have state of the art equipment. The lights, curtains, TV and I don't know what else were all remote controlled. 

I felt like I am a CEO of a company. Who knows that might just come true in the near future (wink).

Fresh fruits, flowers, pastries and wine as welcoming treats. We instantly felt pampered.

This buffet table is beautiful. Just look at it.

It's a huge living room. You could see a lot of gold in this room. You know that's my first impression when I enter Dubai. They love gold. I love gold too. Who doesn't?

I believe there's something below that TV but I couldn't remember anymore.

From the living room there's a door that would lead to the Dining and another lounging area. Those roses by the way are real and fresh.

I love that columns. In every corner of this room it has a sofa or a chair to sit on. I cannot even remember, If I sat on all of the sofas or chair in this suite.

The whole team of this magnificent structure have absolutely done a good job. They really give so much thought on their designs.

She was still sleepy. She just woke up.

I can tell you my friend our house can fit in this suite. This suite room is huge.

Now let's go to the upper floor. We call this stairs as Stairway to heaven because its beautiful.
Anyway, let's move on to the Master's bedroom.

In the middle is a tufted TV console. The LCD TV was placed behind it. Again, the curtains is remote controlled too.

Hubby was tired already. This suite has a lot of mirrors. The more it made the suite look much bigger.

I love the floor lamp and the ambiance that it gives off. By the way, mind the details on the ceiling too.

I love everything in this picture. It was symmetrically arrange.

I woke up early so I could take some pictures and videos. Just look at these two, they definitely were having a good sleep. As I have said there were a lot of mirrors. I love those gold wall panels.

The ceiling above the bed has big mirror too. It's a king size bed.

The Master's bathroom was likewise beautiful. I cannot imagine the hard work the team had done to put everything together. They did an excellent job.

Yes, their bath soap, shampoos, perfumes, and lotions were Hermes. The scent was pleasant.

What can I say? I want one for our bath too. Look at those mosaic tiles. Marvelous!

Lastly, let's take a look at the Twin bedroom. I am not fond of the canopy design and the choice of fabric. Nevertheless, it was still beautiful.

I really want that lamp. Gorgeous!

Amazing view!

Watch our room tour video to really get that wow feeling :) See you again. Please don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel or follow us via email.

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