Monday, 7 November 2016

JPark Island Resort Review

JPark Island Resort was formerly known as Imperial Palace Water Resort and Spa. 
The hotel and pools were neat. We didn't had the chance to enjoy the beach so I cannot really give a comment about it. The staff were helpful, courteous and attentive.  The kids love the pools. I was in my early pregnancy of our third child so I was just chilling mostly at the kids pool area. Food tasted good. Also, it was our birthday and they gave us a complimentary cake. I was amazed at the size of the cake. It was big and yummy! 

There were a lot of Korean guests during our stay. But that didn't bother us at all. We also love the interior design and decors. The size of the room was spacious. We had a good night sleep. 

What we also love was that they have an indoor playground for the kids to play. We paid about P300 for an hour of play, if I recall it right. 

We only had breakfast and ordered some food from the pool bar. We went to Chicken and Beer for dinner which is just located across the road. 

We took a tour of the resort, please watch the video below. 

This is the indoor playground. It was spacious and clean as well.

The kids and adults were having fun with these floaters.

I spent my time under the tree. Enjoying the view while watching our kids. It was hot and humid during this time of the year.

See you again!

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