Saturday, 19 November 2016

Review of Majestic Restaurant in SM Seaside

We celebrated Judy's birthday at Majestic Restaurant in SM Seaside, Cebu City.  We are a loyal customer of this restaurant since time immemorial. We love the food, staffs are always friendly and attentive, and the ambiance is good. 

Today, we are going to give a review about this restaurant. When you enter the place, you'll be greeted with a cashier counter. There were staffs or staff who will greet you before you enter the place. It's a vibrant place with good view of the sea. 

They are offering Chinese Cantonese-Filipino dishes. They were able to maintain consistency and quality over the years. Majestic Restaurant never deteriorate. 
As to the price, it is just right. Everything you eat here is worth every penny spent. You  know that feeling when before and after eating you have that smile as a sign of satisfaction.

Let's go over the food that we ordered. 

Vegetables with Tofu in Oyster Sauce P 235.00
According to my Father, this is the most delicious vegetable dish from Majestic. I believe him because he tried all of them. I tried this dish too and it was indeed flavorful.

This is Green Seafood Soup at P215.00 per serving. It's egg drop soup with pureed Taiwan pechay, fish, shrimp, squid, mushrooms and tofu. It was our first time to try this soup. It was like Birds Nest soup but with a twist. We all love this soup. It was yummy.

Lechon Macau P275.00
Crispy roasted pork belly
Little boy finished 1 whole serving. We all love it. The green vegetable are fried bland Kangkong.

Mango Float P75.00
This dessert is one of our favorite. It was a bit different from the usual Mango Float. Though it was commercialized, it was still delectable.

Buko Pandan P68.00
Buko and Pandan jelly, fresh young coconut  strips in buko pandan cream. This dessert taste good too.

Minced Pork Lettuce Wraps @ P240.00
Stir-fried minced pork, mushrooms, water chestnuts, & chopped cashews on a bed of crispy rice noodles and served with lettuce cups. 
Our family's favorite. This dish is always always ordered every time we eat at Majestic. 

Majestic Fried Rice
BBQ Pork asado , ham, eggs, green peas and spring onions at P145 regular, P290 large. The rice was delish! But I hardly see any green peas though.

A birthday celebration is not complete without the Birthday Pancit (P205.00). Egg noodles with sliced pork, chicken, shrimp, squid, fish balls, fried fungus and vegetables  with red quail eggs. Delicious pancit!

We paid about P2,400+ for 5 hungry Adults and 2 kids :)

Thank you so much for being with us today. Before you go, check out our Recipes and Travel/Review Section.  See you again in the next post.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Pork with Carrots, Potatoes and Green Peas (Ginamay)

Here's another family's favorite recipe that we love especially the kids - Pork with Carrots, Potatoes and Green Peas. We call this Ginamay in Cebu, Philippines. Ginamay means "little" from the word "ginagmay". Mainly because everything is chopped in smaller sizes.  For a dose of healthy meal for my kids, I cook this dish. Our picky-eater little boy love it.

Pork with Carrots, Potatoes and Green Peas

2 tbsp cooking oil
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 small onion
1/2 kg sliced pork belly
1 cup carrots, diced
1 1/2 cup potatoes, diced
1/2 green peas (guisantes)
2tbsp red bell pepper, julienne cut
3 cups water
2 beef broth cubes
2 tbsp soy sauce (optional)

Cornstarch mixture:
1 tbsp cornstarch
5 tbsp water

1. Saute garlic and onion.
2. Add pork. Cook until light brown. You may add soy sauce for added taste and color (optional).
3. Add carrots and cook for 2 mins.
4. Add water and let it boil.
5. Add potatoes. 
6. Add beef broth cubes and simmer for 5 mins.
6. Add red bell pepper. cook for another 1 min.
7. Press some cooked potatoes (optional) 
8. Add green peas, cook for another 2 mins
9. Add cornstarch mixture. Simmer for 1 min. Adjust taste.
10. Serve with hot rice.

Very easy and lovely dish. You can always add some small shrimps or sausage if you like. Try this for your little ones and let us know in the comments how it turned out.

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Leona's Bakeshop Review

Because Judy was craving for some cakes and it was her birthday too. She wanted to try the cakes from Leona's Bakeshop. 

I bought 12 slices of cake, 11 flavors. That makes a whole 9" cake. 

This is their cake display. 
Leona's Bakeshop Review, A review of their cakes.

12 slices, 11 flavors. We will let you know our top picks at the bottom of this post.
Leona's Bakeshop Review. A review of their cakes. 12 slices, 11 flavors.

Great bonding time with our little girl. It was also her birthday.

We took a photo of each flavors that we bought and here they are.

Frosty Mint Delight @P46.00 per slice.
The flavor was indeed minty. We love the chocolate combination with the minty moist cake.

Leona's Bakeshop Frosty Mint Delight Cake @P46.00 per slice.

Japanese Cheesecake @P65.00 per slice
It was dense and we loved it so much.

Leona's Bakeshop Japanese Cheesecake @P65.00 per slice

Choco Fudge Cheesecake @P56.00 per slice
We did not try this yet. 

Leona's Bakeshop Choco Fudge Cheesecake @P56.00 per slice

Leona's Bakeshop Choco Fudge Cheesecake @P56.00 per slice

Tiramisu @P77.00 per slice
Little girl just love this cake. It was her favorite cake.

Leona's Bakeshop Tiramisu @P77.00 per slice

Mango Mambo @P38.00
This has egg pudding in the middle. We think the price is very affordable for this yummy cake.

Leona's Bakeshop Mango Mambo @P38.00

 Chocolate Surprise @P50.00 per slice
We loved the taste of the chocolate. If I remember it right, this is like a combo of carrot and chocolate cake which was very delish!
Leona's Bakeshop  Chocolate Surprise @P50.00 per slice

The famous Red Velvet Cheesecake @P73.00 per slice
Though, we are not really a fan of red velvet but this cake did not fail. It was dense, moist and yummy. 

Leona's Bakeshop  Red Velvet Cheesecake @P73.00 per slice

Oreo Cheesecake @P71.00 per slice
One of the go to flavor of little girl. Well, she got good taste. This cake was yummy too. 

Leona's Bakeshop Oreo Cheesecake @P71.00 per slice

Mango Cake @P35.00 per slice
We still have to try this in the future.

Leona's Bakeshop Mango Cake @P35.00 per slice

Guava Cake @P35.00 per slice
 I wonder what this cake taste like.

Leona's Bakeshop Guava Cake @P35.00 per slice

Moist Chocolate Cake @P73.00 per slice
This cake was yummy as well. 

Leona's Bakeshop Moist Chocolate Cake @P73.00 per slice

Ube Cake @ P35 per slice
 Judy loves Ube Cake that's why I bought 2 slices. She said it was just so-so. 
Leona's Bakeshop should improve on this cake. 

Leona's Bakeshop Ube Cake @ P35 per slice

Durian Cake @P43 per slice
We never tried Durian Cake before. This cake was superb. For all Durian lovers out there, you should try this cake.
Leona's Bakeshop Durian Cake @P43 per slice

Leona's Bakeshop Durian Cake. This is by far the yummiest Durian Cake we have tasted.

Choco Mocha Mouse @P43 per slice
This was also yummy.

Leona's Bakeshop Review. Choco Mocha Mouse @P43 per slice.This was also yummy.

Family's Verdict: We love the cakes except the Ube Cake which was just too ordinary. We expected way better than what we have tasted. My wife got disappointed. Nevertheless, the rest of the cakes are worth your money. They are moist, dense and delicious.
Our favorite was the Durian and Japanese Cake. It was like you are eating the real Durian fruit minus the smell. Little girl's favorite was the Oreo Cheesecake and Tiramisu.

P.S. Leona's Bakeshop never contacted us nor paid us to do this review. All opinions expressed in this post were purely our own. See disclosure policy here.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

JPark Island Resort Review

JPark Island Resort was formerly known as Imperial Palace Water Resort and Spa. 
The hotel and pools were neat. We didn't had the chance to enjoy the beach so I cannot really give a comment about it. The staff were helpful, courteous and attentive.  The kids love the pools. I was in my early pregnancy of our third child so I was just chilling mostly at the kids pool area. Food tasted good. Also, it was our birthday and they gave us a complimentary cake. I was amazed at the size of the cake. It was big and yummy! 

There were a lot of Korean guests during our stay. But that didn't bother us at all. We also love the interior design and decors. The size of the room was spacious. We had a good night sleep. 

What we also love was that they have an indoor playground for the kids to play. We paid about P300 for an hour of play, if I recall it right. 

We only had breakfast and ordered some food from the pool bar. We went to Chicken and Beer for dinner which is just located across the road. 

We took a tour of the resort, please watch the video below. 

This is the indoor playground. It was spacious and clean as well.

The kids and adults were having fun with these floaters.

I spent my time under the tree. Enjoying the view while watching our kids. It was hot and humid during this time of the year.

See you again!

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